Where does time go?

2022 is half way over and usually I don't take the time to reflect on how the first six months have gone or assess my progress on goals. I normally set yearly goals and have my head down until around November, then I'll start along the new years resolution and reflection to dos. But this year is different. I often remind myself that I am still adjusting to being a mom of 2. Sage was 7 months old when the pandemic began and I was still nursing. As a result, I'm learning to be more agile, adaptive, and to check in with my "why on all fronts" more often. I do not have the capacity to do anything that doesn't contribute my healing and peace of mind. Almost 2.5 years later, we are a full fledged family of four. It takes at least 2 hours to get ready for anything. There are more crayon marks on the walls and furniture in our house than I can stomach. Emory, my soon to be 9 year old daughter, is slowly but surely getting used to being a big sister and not getting 100% of our attention. Whew chile! The main message here is motherhood will knock all of this sh** over! 

I started 2022 with a goal of putting my health first, implementing a plan to leave my full time role as a Tech Consultant/Project Manager by November 1st, and to continue to cultivate my home as the queen of our castle. Well, what I didn't take into account is the demand of a scaling a new business and how it intertwines with raising my sweet Sage who is the typical busy two year old, new client expectations on the tech front and meeting style clients deadlines. It was all too much! I thought it was just a sacrifice I was making to transition from corporate to full time entrepreneurship. On most days my prayer was to make it through this season. In May, I was laid off from my job and my therapist put it best, "God has boundaries too". God knew better than I did. It was not healthy to have such a full plate of obligations. *praise break*

Since working for myself full time, I've managed to rest and exhale on a new level. I also have more flexibility which is a no brainer. I'll be keeping a close eye on my coins and spending less. I know there is a whole tribe of women who are side-hustling with full time jobs as moms and partners. My heart will always be with you, I know the struggle! I also know the fire that ignites your purpose is strong enough to help you make it through your sacrificial season. The phrase that continues to soothe my soul as a black woman is "give yourself grace sis". In due time, the tide will turn, God will do just as he said he would. 

Keep Going. 

So now the hard part comes, getting back on track. I'm starting with eliminating some things from my diet. One thing I've learned about my 37-year old body is that it tells the whole truth, if my diet and exercise habits have been lackluster - it directly impacts my sleep, sanity, and mood. Last week, I started juicing again. I'm mostly excited about it being watermelon season. Watermelon juice is ultra hydrating and delicious. Exercise, what art thou? Yall pray for ya girl, in my head I will complete at least 3 rides on my Peloton a week. So far, not good. I am so grateful for the tough seasons, they strengthen us for the days ahead. Let's check in on social. Don't leave me out here alone. How are you resetting? How are you feeling these days? Motivated, inspired, or just hanging in there? 

What's next?

I look forward to connecting with you here on the blog more often. One thing I've learned about myself is how much I enjoy writing and connecting with my tribe about life! My intention is to cover one topic monthly and how it relates to fashion, wellness, and beauty. I want to share some of the ways, RESETTING has constantly been on my mind, heart, and soul.

I appreciate you for being here more than you know.

TBE is always on a constant rotating calendar with new releases, photoshoots, events, and such. Fashion moves lightning fast! The timeline to source, produce, release, repeat is not for the faint. Our summer sale starts on Wednesday. We will be cleaning out all Spring/Summer inventory and preparing for Fall. Be sure to catch all the goods for a steal over the coming weeks.

In Style & In Grace,



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