APRIL 2022

Letter from the Founder

Hey girlfriends, I pray you are well and relaxed on this beautiful Sunday. I couldn’t be more grateful to share with you our April edit. One year ago, our first editorial was released. I quickly realized the vision needed a team to execute at the level I envisioned. Through many ups, downs, and in between moments, here we are – celebrating resilience and renewal. I truly appreciate your support and wouldn’t be standing strong without every TBE customer! Spring is a time of rebirth and growth all around us. I strongly believe in forgiveness and second chances. 

Did you know this is my second time around in the world of entrepreneurship? My first run began in 2012 when my hubby and I purchased a franchise hair salon. The experience was life-changing and challenging. I became a mom in August of 2013 and was unable to balance the demands of career, motherhood, and marriage. We sold the salon in 2014 and I returned to my comfort zone, corporate America. What I learned in that first run was that I loved being immersed in our culture – all things black women! I never imagined my skill of braiding hair would come back full circle. Although that chapter ended on a sad note, I knew I would return to the awe-inspiring world of fashion and beauty one day when the time was right.  

In 2019, when my Dad passed from Stage 4 cancer, my spirit shifted. His death made me realize we are all just waiting in line for our final day and we have no idea when that day will come. My Dad was my biggest source of support. He believed in me unconditionally and unapologetically. I miss him so much! I decided that I would go after my dreams just as he had instilled in me. I decided to live out my wildest dreams! As we say on social, “I am no longer sleeping on me”. Praise God for second chances!  

Are you believing in you sis? Don’t miss this statement by only considering your career. What about your health? What about your love life? What about your relationship with God? And last but not least, what about your finances? 

You’ll never be perfect and there will never be a perfect time. It’s a new season – a season of rebirth and renewal. Give yourself a second chance! God has you, and you got this! 


Behind the Brand 

First things first, shout out to the team! I am so grateful to have a team of six amazingly talented women creatives. Have you noticed our video content lately? Our videographer, Briele Chanel (@brielechanel), is everything honey! Briele Chanel is a young celebrity videographer, photographer, and creative director born in Atlanta Georgia, now based in Dallas Texas. Briele’s work speaks for itself. Her core values align with TBE in that she highly values the importance of shining a positive light on the black community.

We are so happy to have her on the team!  


What’s coming up this month? 

Our goal is always to source classic timeless pieces to add to your wardrobe. In fashion and style, we have a few tips on curating a versatile wardrobe that you actually love. We have plenty of new arrivals in every category – clothing, jewelry, and accessories. My personal fav hands down is the sage two-piece ruffle set I’m wearing on the April cover. It gives me chic, cool, and comfy vibes, which is right up my alley these days!  With that being said, April is Financial Literacy Month! 

We have a 4-part Personal Finance Series hosted by Dr. JeFreda Brown. Dr. Brown will give step by step advice on how to create a simple budget, a debt payoff plan, and how to prepare to invest.  

Staying along those lines, we will also be sharing our budget friendly beauty finds.  

Let’s keep the conversation going on social. Tag us @shopbrownstone and tell us what does financial wellness mean to you? 


In grace & in style always



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Great read! Keep going!

By Aushanada Williams

Apr 08, 2022


I’m so happy for what is coming in an through Shop Brown Stone. Financial literacy is so important and I can’t wait to see what gems will be dropped this month!

By Charmary Caruthers

Apr 08, 2022

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